Reece Perrin: A2 Media Coursework 2014/15.3

Research & Planning:

Candice (Working Title) is a film that looks at a man coming to terms with the death of his partner and how he projects his deep emotions of grief onto a woman who is living on the edge. The research undertaken will explore representation of characters, narrative, mise-en-scene and audiences.


Candice (Trailer)

Duration: 2 minutes ‘Candice’ is an emotional and psychological thriller which looks at a young, recently devastated man come to terms with the tragic loss of his girlfriend by investing himself in a new lover, Candice, a prostitute who happens to look exactly like his recently deceased girlfriend. ‘Candice’ explores the delicate nature of death and how it affects those in the firing line. It does this by entering the mind of someone recently bereaved and depicts how it will affect him psychologically. Chris is a twenty-something working class man under pressure to move on from his recently passed girlfriend and push forward with his life. However, he is unable to do so and seeks solace in Candice. He will slowly become obsessed with her and his emotional attachment begins to escalate into a deep infatuation he can’t rid himself of. Candice is a twenty-something street walker with no real security, she jumps from bedsit to bedsit and secretly seeks comfort in anyone who will give it to her. She finds this in Chris and soon becomes attached to him. She, however, does not feel like she is in love with him and eventually becomes intimidated by his obsession. The most appealing element of ‘Candice’ will be its character development, especially in terms of Chris. The audience will see him become a completely different person to his once sane self, this sort of development is not usually seen in other trailers. With all the equipment and actor’s available the narrative should be able to be captured and depicted to the target psychographic (late teens – early 30s, because of the gritty nature of the story).

Similar Product Research:

I researched 3 different from 3 different genres to gain an understanding as to how many editors would construct their products depending on the genre and the mood/tone of the film. I looked at elements like lighting, sound, camera shots and mise-en-scene and after this research is conducted I should know what kind of elements could be useful for my trailer, a psychological thriller.

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Dir: Josh Boone I thought’ the Fault in our stars’ would be good to analyse because of similar traits amongst the protagonists. However, my protagonist (Chris) has an extremely dark side. I noticed however that the character in this trailer seems to feature in a somewhat trance-like state, something that could be good for Chris after losing his girlfriend, and I could show the devastation it has caused, just not throughout the entire trailer out of fear of being tedious.

The use of low key lighting right at the beginning places the highlight on the main character and makes it evident that this is who is to feature throughout the film. This could be effective in my trailer as it could establish our main character from the off. Her voice trails in the background (non-diegetic sound) to tell her story and gives an insight into her character. This could also be effective as it would further establish the character and the story. The mid shot is used for the exact same reason, and could be something that I could use in my trailer to establish my protagonist further. FIOS 2

The use of subtle skin colour tones and low-key, non-harsh lighting could represent the loving contact between the 2. This would not be suitable for my trailer as my trailer would focus on the sexual aspect of a relationship rather than the loving aspect.


The natural, happy colours in the background present the same mood and the use of mid-key lighting to not make the scene appear too harsh. I could use this for my film as I am attempting to create a sombre, dark tone. FIOS 4

The colour blue on her top presents a neutral, calm personality. This is also something I feel would only work at certain points in our trailer because we will be presenting calm moments but then fuelled with intense, dramatic moments.  And the low-key lighting puts them in a relaxed situation, which shows their level of comfort around each other. This could be effective in my trailer around the time when Chris and Candice’s relationship develops into something deeper (for him). The music featured throughout would fit the indie genre but would not be something featured heavily in our trailer because it presents a calm and neutral experience for the characters and this isn’t something I wish to present in our trailer. I am aiming for dark, intense, dramatic.

FIOS 5 This two-shot places the focus on the main characters. And establishes the relationship and shows the audience the key relationship in the movie. There is a slight more focus on the man which could indicate that the scene is relevant to his character. Something I could use in my trailer to put the focus on my protagonist for a particular scene.

The music towards the end of the trailer reaches climaxes but in a happy, positive way which could reflect on the film’s nature. This wouldn’t be useful for my trailer unless I was to make it dark and depressing. The trailer establishes their characters with what seems to be something similar to Erving Goffman’s character theory. He believed that film’s would have a protagonist (a main character), Hazel, a deuteragonist (a secondary character), Augustus the boy, The bit player (who is seen in this trailer as Isaac, Augustus’ blind friend, whom we don’t know much about) and The fool, whilst it doesn’t seem evident who that is, Goffman’s theory is definitely the most fitting out of the 2 main theories around. ‘That Awkward Moment’  Dir: Tom Gormican I specifically chose to analyse ‘That Awkward Moment’ as the film deals with the ‘sordid’ details of love and lust, it does however do it in a very light-hearted way, something I don’t wish to do. I would focus mainly on some mise-en-scene features of this film so as to understand what I could use during the features of love in my trailer. TAM 1

This trailer immediately establishes the main character and doesn’t bother with any location shots before showing the narrative, like a lot of trailers. The low key lighting could perhaps represent the calm nature of the film whilst putting a focus on the character. His grey jumper also presents a relaxed nature, similarly to his pose/stance. TAM 2

The warm colours in the flat indicate that this film could possibly be touching upon a ‘warm’ subject ie. Love. Could it be a RomCom? The camera focused on the closest character (and the one talking) could be a good element for my trailer if I am to use multiple characters in a scene to place a focus on the speaker or who needs it. There seems to be a hip/hop sound present throughout a lot of the trailer which could indicate an upbeat feel to the film, which suggests that the film could be a comedy (RomCom?). This is definitely something that shouldn’t be used in my trailer if I wish to maintain a dramatic, somewhat sombre feel throughout.


The low-key, red lighting and the hip hop diegetic sound make it immediately apparent they are in a club. The darkness and the red could indicate that what they’re doing is sordid? Which could be true as they have just taken a Viagra. This camera angle (mid-shot/2-shot) places the focus on the 2 key character features for this scene. These elements could possibly be incorporated into my trailer especially amongst the bits when Chris meets Candice (Working names). Tam 4

Something that didn’t prominently feature in ‘The fault in our stars’ is text on screen. The use of vibrant colours presents an upbeat element to the trailer. This technique could be used in my trailer but the use of colour would be very different, I would use reds, dark blues, greys and blacks to present a dark tone. TAM 5

The use of subtle colouring (a lot of beige) presents a calm nature for the scene (and perhaps the film) which is something done throughout the entire trailer. The low – key lighting (which is influenced by the lamps either side of the bed) again present a light, relaxed nature. It also remains true to the location and the situation (A bedroom, post-sex). It’s possible to use this in my trailer especially to reflect certain situations (the post-sex comedown or even during sex, I wouldn’t show it).

Goffman’s theory can also apply to this film. The protagonist being Jason (Zac Efron), the secondary being Ellie (Imogen Poots), the bit player would be Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) and the fool would be Daniel (Miles Teller) as he provides the most humor in the film. The reason for using this kind of characterisation could be because it keeps the film simple and leaves more room for the narrative to develop, the same could be said for ‘The Fault in our Stars’.  ‘American Hustle’: Dir: David O. Russell I chose to analyse the ‘American Hustle’ trailer as I thought it could give an indication into a grime-y kind of genre, focusing on dark aspects of society. Something that I wish to achieve in my trailer. And I know that ‘American Hustle’ features elements of exploitation (possibly sexual) which could be analysed and studied so as to achieve something similar in my trailer. AH 1

This 2-shot puts a focus on the 2 featuring characters whilst maintain the subject they are discussing (the painting). It isn’t known whether this could be effective in my trailer until I get a grasp on the entire narrative that will be presented throughout the trailer. The use of mid-key lighting is something used to create a dark effect by not being too harsh. Something like this could be used in my trailer for the more casual moments between Chris and Candice (perhaps if they go out).

AH 2

This long shot establishes another one of the main characters. This could be something useful for our prostitute, Candice. The use of mainly subtle colours could . The use of mainly subtle colours could demonstrate a calm nature, which presents that these sort of situations are regular occurrences. I don’t wish to use these sort of colours as I want to present these moments as dark and sleazy. The fur coat would be something good to use, if it can be accessed (they are expensive and hard to obtain) as a fur coat is a national sex symbol. The side view could show all the curves and crevices of the woman (Candice)

. AH 3

The close up of a distraught looking Jennifer Lawrence could be useful in our trailer, perhaps during the dilemma moment of the film, when Candice realises Chris’ true intentions.  The over the top jewellery and the fur coat (again) could present her as tatty, something that could be useful  for Candice. The heavy use of makeup could be useful for the same reason. AH 4

This close up puts the focus on the guy’s hand and the woman’s bum making it evident that he is touching her. The extravagant clothing indicates their class, status and wealth, something that would not work for both Candice and Chris but the camera shot is something worth considering for my trailer during one of Chris and Candice’s encounters, perhaps one of the first. The jewellery could be something useful, as mentioned in the previous slide, over-jewelling Candice could present as tatty, something I wish to do.

All trailers analysed have featured music, possibly part of the film’s soundtrack, should they have one. ‘American Hustle’ does something I didn’t expect for a film I thought was to focus on the dark aspects of society. It features a very upbeat track, presenting positivity throughout the trailer, whilst it would have been a good contrast, this something I do not wish to pursue for my trailer As I want to make it evident that the film will be dark and gloomy. AH 5

The over the shoulder shot is used to put focus on Amy Adams’ character whilst maintaining Bradley Cooper’s in the shot. It is obvious  that she is angry by facial expressions. The use of colouring does not reflect the attitude of the character and instead presents a tranquil mood. A contrast could be good in my trailer but I wish to present the dark quite forcefully, so the audience immediately get a feel for the film’s tone. The rollers in her hair present her in a casual manner (this is what she’ll look like at home), this is something that would be very useful in my film just to influence the tatty-ness of Candice.

This film seems more fitting to Vladimir Propp’s characterisation theory where he suggests that most films would be made up of 7 character types: The villain, The donor (they help the hero), The helper, The princess, The false hero (thought as good but turn out villainous), the dispatcher (sends the hero off) and the hero. My reason for this is due to the sheer mass of characters the audience has to focus on. In conclusion, after analysing these 3 products i have gained an understanding of what I could use for my trailer. Elements such as: Soft, low key lighting could be effective to create a sombre mood throughout. Low tone music (preferably filled with violins and other strings) to emphasise this mood and the dark character of the product.

Genre Research: Key Aspects of a Suspense/Psychological Thriller:  

  • A psychological thriller will depict the characterisation of realistic people in perhaps a situation reflecting on real life but exaggerated for dramatic effect and to keep the viewer interested. This factor will be included in my trailer by portraying Chris (the protagonist) facing the trauma of his girlfriend’s recent death (something that is entirely feasible in reality) and then become obsessed with her double (a prostitute named Candice) to the point where he becomes dominant and violent towards many people (which could be considered slightly exaggerated when reflecting on real life situations).
  • The first part or chapter of the film should show a piece of crime or the aftermath of a piece of crime and focus on the effect unravelling on the characters, specifically the protagonist. For me, I could show Chris dealing with the aftermath of his girlfriend’s sudden passing. This would establish part of the narrative, something the audience will pay close attention to.
  • It should then continue into the everyday life of the protagonist and focus on the normality of their situation. In my case we could focus on Chris’ attempting to rebuild his social/family life. I could further Chris’ personality during this period
  • As the film goes further a potential dilemma or problem could be indicated or established or possibly even just hinted at. A particular film that shows this is ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ in which we see Mr. Ripley murder his ‘friend’, Dickie Greenwood,leaving the audience wondering where the story would take itself from here. Something I could do to reflect this is clearly indicate Candice’s presence and her likeness to his girlfriend (perhaps by using mid-shots and cutting back to the shot of the picture featuring his dead girlfriend) this would show the audience that it could potentially be the issue touched upon throughout the film.
  • The issue being furthered would be something indicated throughout the next chunk/section of a psychological/suspense thriller. For example, in my trailer I could hint at Chris having a violent nature or even having an extremely violent past. Perhaps he has been convicted of an attack. This would show the audience that the issue touched upon (like mentioned in the last bullet point) will now become a problem and is something worth paying attention to.
  • A fast paced conclusion would follow which, for a psychological thriller, would most likely feature another instance of crime or violence. This part might not actually feature in my trailer but could be hinted at (to save spoiling… Hypothetically). My conclusion for the actual narrative would depict Chris attempting to rape Candice, whom he has now formed a strong emotional tie/obsession to, and before anything could happen Candice, acting out of fear and impulse will kill Chris. But, as said, this will probably not feature in my trailer but be hinted at. My idea is to feature Candice screaming Chris’ name right at the end of the trailer as the title rolls up, just to establish Chris’ potential violent nature being acted out in the full film.
  • I chose to study the 3 films linked below because they all exhibit traits similar to psychological thrillers. Obsession is featured in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, present through the protagonists obsession with Dickie, this could be exhibited in my trailer through Chris’ obsession with Candice and he could act out similar traits to Tom Ripley. And in ‘Misery’, Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) becomes obsessed and almost infatuated with Paul Sheldon (James Caan), after she takes him in and imprisons him. She felt extremely close to him even before they met due to his increasingly famous literary works. A scenario similar to this will be acted out in my trailer when Chris becomes infatuated with Candice as he feels he already knows and understands her due to her likeness to his dead girlfriend. Lastly, ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ has extremely dark elements like murder in cold blood an inability to be intimate due to being unfaithful (as an act of Karma) which increases frustration and leads to darker acts. This could all be present in my trailer. An idea could be that Candice becomes incapable of being physically intimate because of Chris’ obsessive behaviour and, due to the fact that she is a prostitute, could become increasingly frustrated as it will affect her work.

Bibliography: The synopsis of:                                        

Narrative Research:

  • The above article reports a man’s obsessions with a prostitute with whom he formed a strong attachment too. It then informs of how he sold his own mother’s house (of which she had owned for 62 years) to fund his affairs with his escort, who was 30 years his junior. What this article tells me is that a man was so obsessed with keeping hold of this woman, he went to such extreme measures as selling his own dementia – bound mother’s property. This would be useful for my trailer as it could give an indication into the depths ‘customers’ would go to, to maintain a relationship with a prostitute which would reflect on Chris’ behaviour later in the trailer/film. The article is also useful as it suggests that this man remained with this prostitute for appearance basis because she was 30 years younger. This would link to our protagonist because his obsession forms due to the prostitute’s (Candice) likeness to his girlfriend.

  • This article informs of a man who murdered his previously escort girlfriend, chopped her up and cooked her. Whilst it is unpleasant to imagine and think of it is something worth noting when thinking in terms of my trailer. It displays the violent nature of a man which could be useful when characterising Chris. While we will never display such horrible actions in the film, Chris’ violent nature will be hinted at and touched upon through other disturbing actions, like stalking and fantasising.

  • Upon researching I realised that Chris could identify with Jack the Ripper and exhibit such behaviour during the film. However, because so little is known about him, it will be difficult to take out in-depth research into him. It is said that later in the ripper’s life, towards his devastating actions, he would have become an introvert prone to violent outbursts and perhaps extreme mood swings which should have become evident to his peers. This could perhaps be shown in Chris’ family and friends (should I wish to feature them) becoming wary of his deteriorating behaviour and could even experience one of his violent outbursts. Most of Jack the Ripper’s murders took place outside but his last one was said to be taken out indoors where he ‘severely mutilated’ his victim. This would indicate The Ripper’s violent nature and could be something worth considering when establishing Chris’ violent nature and his actions towards Candice.
  • Todorov’s theory of equilibrium and disequilirium would be perfect for my story. However, my story would start off with disequilibrium and Chris’ devastation which would suggest that something wrong in the story. The equilibrium would come later when Chris starts to become attached to Candice and feels better and more secure with her.

Female Representation:

  • Audience Research:

Questionnaire I will use this questionnaire to gain an understanding of my target psychographic group by gathering information from other. I will target a diverse group of people: students, teachers, adults, children, teenagers, elders. I will print 15 of these and hand them out for people to complete, gather the information, tally up the results and use this to identify my target audience.

Target Audience

Based on my Questionnaire results the best target audience for my product would be around 16-18 year old, all ethnicity groups, primarily smaller incomes. I am really pleased with the result as it is what I wished would be the outcome of my research. It means I could appeal to a wider audience and don’t have to limit what can be shown in my trailer as I plan to feature some disturbing perhaps violent (or implied violence) scenes.

Distribution Research

Upon researching many psychological thrillers, I realised that no real, stand-out company specializes in distributing my genre, but rather they distribute many films of many genres.

Camera Shot Research In order to generate enough knowledge before filming my trailer, I thought that researching the types of camera shots that are used in a conventional thriller and the emotions that are evoked in align with them. Knowning this would give me the opportunity to apply the same (or similar) camera shots to my product in an attempt to make it look as authentic as possible. No camera shot is exclusive to a genre but some genres are known to use certain camera shots to convey certain elements of their film ie. Long Shot for documentary to show narrated features.

  • Close Up: Probably the most used camera shot in a thriller; it is used to convey certain emotions
    Close Up of the upset young boy featured in 'The Sixth Sense'

    Close Up of the upset young boy featured in ‘The Sixth Sense’

    featured on the subjects face ie. fear, sadness, anger. The reason for the consistent use in thrillers is because of the thriller genre being constantly emotionally charged and the need to convey the sentiment is almost always there. A close up can also be used to capture the detail in a scene. For example, if a book has something dramatic and plot- changing,a close-up would be the ideal and correct way to convey it to the audience. The sort of shot will most likely feature in my trailer when trying to put across any emotion important to the plot (Chris’ upset afterlosing his girlfriend perhaps).

  • A tracking shot/panning shot is also effective when used in a thriller/horror. In some cases they can
    A tracking shot being filmed behind a character, following them.

    A tracking shot being filmed behind a character, following them.

    imply that someone (a potential victim) is being followed. By having the camera track the character (most likely behind them) the audience can assume that someone is behind them ready to attack adding suspense and fear factor to the product. This shot could also be used in my feature. Perhaps when I delve into darker moments and Chris’ mood and attitude deteriorates he could be seen following his lover Candice as an indication into his upcoming dirty acts.

  • A POV or point of view shot is another shot used in thriller as a way of showing events to the audience through the characters eyes. In order to carry it out the camera would be placed approximately where the eyes are. It is a great way to get the audience in touch with the
    A POV shot of a man being attacked which displays the distress on his face.

    A POV shot of a man being attacked (from the POV of the attacker) which displays the distress on his face.

    character and to perhaps help them relate. This is less likely to feature in my product because I would like it to remain completely 3rd person just so the audience can see how everything happens as it happens.

  • A tilted shot or dutch angle is used a reasonable amount in thriller/horror films. It is usually performed by slightly tilting a camera with a still lens (meaning the lens doesn’t move with the camera to balance the image) or it can be achieved by tilting the frame in post-production (the editing process). The shot can give the impression of something supernatural controlling the viewing process (perhaps we areseeing out of their eyes) as it shows an
    A Tilt Shot with a dark theme showing the intensity it connotes.

    A Tilt Shot with a dark theme showing the intensity it connotes.

    abnormal variation of the standard filming technique which might give us (the audience) the impression that our perception is being controlled by the villain. This is also unlikely to appear in my feature, however, it is possible to squeeze it in perhaps around a time when Chris becomes extremely violent towards Candice and she could retaliate and knock Chris away from her and I would then but to a now angrier Chris staring at Candice (but this is only a thought, it is not final).

  • The over the shoulder shot can sometimes gives the impression that an attacker could be appearing behind their victim, something that is extremely popular amongst the horror genre and can appear in some thrillers
    An OTS shot perhaps not as described but the novelty remains the same.

    An OTS shot perhaps not as described but the novelty remains the same.

    too. It is easily filmed by placing the camera behind a character so we (the viewer_ can see over their shoulder whilst maintaining most of their upper body in the shot. It is likely that this will feature in my trailer perhaps around a moment when Chris follows Candice who is completely oblivious to her surroundings.

  • A Low angle shot showing the intimidation from the view of victim

    A Low angle shot showing the intimidation from the view of victim

    Lastly, The birds eye view and the low angle shot are also sometimes used in these genres. These shots would usually present someone with authority, but in this case it presents someone who connotes danger towards the victim who will always be set underneath them. This shot would be performed by setting the camera on focus of the victim (birds – eye) whilst maintaining the attacker’s body in the frame so as to show the audience the threat that they hold. And in a low angle the focus will be on the attacker whilst having the victim’s frame on the side. I would actually prefer to use the low-angle shot in my product to show the audience the fear from Candice’s point of view and to give over Chris’ violent nature.

Images retrieved from Google Images by hosts unknown

Mise-En-Scene Research:

Research Conclusion: After carrying out all my research I can now gather techniques I could use during the production of my trailer. Lighting will be mainly low-key to reflect on the darkness of the narrative, and, like the trailers and the camera shots analysed, a lot of my shots will be character focused, this would be due to the heavy focus on the characters and how they affect each other and how the narrative affects them. In terms of Character theory I think that my trailer may fit in with Erving Goffman’s theory with the protagonist being Chris, the secondary character being Candice, the bit player will sit with the role of Chris’ friend or family member and the fool is yet to be thought out, it is possible the fool won’t feature but Goffman’s theory definitely seems the most fitting. I may look further into Jack The Ripper to gain a more enlightened understanding of how he may have thought and apply this to Chris’ character development and how he could target Candice the way Jack The Ripper targeted vulnerable prostitutes. At the time of writing this audience research is still being carried out and will be completed and analysed according to my trailer ideas. I hope to have this done by the end of next week (11/11 – 21/11).

Poster Analysis

Magazine Cover Analysis :

Checklist Research: Similar Products (Trailer Analysis) – Completed 29/09/2014 Genre Research (Key Aspects Of Thriller) – Completed 02/10/2014 Narrative Research (News Articles) – Completed 14/10/2014 Distribution Analysis – Completed 21/10/2014  Camera Shot Research – Completed 30/10/2014

Pre – Production

Now that my group is down to 2 people, the decision will be decided amongst us.There will be no intervention from outsiders.


Today (01/12/2014) I went to St Pancras Canal and decided that it would be suitable for my opening scene where Chris looks out over the railings very scruff and potentially suicidal.

Progress Report: 08/12/2014: I am looking to shoot the bedroom scenes in one of the college studios, the drama dept. has been contacted and I am awaiting an answer. Due to the inability to shoot in a B&B or a hostel I am gonna have to set up tables and chairs to look like a bedroom setting.

Today (09/12/2014) I went to a room in the college that had a bed in it. I took pictures, assessed the area and found that this could be suitable for the bedroom scenes I wish to film where Candice and Chris have touching and threatening moments. The only risks that seem to present themselves are the clutter in the room and the fact that it may be a tripping hazard.

Today – 17/12/2014 – I checked out a college toilet and assessed its suitability for filming the bathroom scene where the audience will see Chris go a bit crazy. Whilst it is a bit light it is nothing a sheet of dark paper will resolve, I will cover any full on lighting. No safety precautions will really be needed due to the fact that the college clear the toilets for safety anyway.

Today – 06/01/2015 – I checked out Regent Square behind the college and looked at how it could work out as the grungy street in which Chris will be seen meeting up with Candice and stalking her afterwards. It is probably the best place for me to film these sort of scenes due to its open space, plantation and the surrounding council estate. The only real risks it poses is the weather, due to recent weather it is difficult to work out when the rain will kick in. The temperature also may be a problem for my actors but they will be pre-warned.

Today – 07/01/2015 – I took a look at St George’s gardens, a graveyard behind the college. Filming here could really contribute to creating and abiding the codes and convention of a psychological thriller/romance. After assessing, I feel the scary/errie background could help bring the scene where Chris stalks Candice and a client to life and really add authenticity to my trailer as opposed to filming in a park which could connote childish-ness, something that has no place in my product. Again, like Regent Square, the only real risk it poses is the weather. Due to the seasons change and the rain really starting to take place, finding the right time to film is always a worry.


Progress Report: 08/12/2014: As of today I have spoken to the head of the drama department and he has agreed to speak to his students about being actors in my trailer, they have my contact information and will, hopefully, get in touch soon.

Progress Report: 11/12/2014: Still no word of actors. I will chase up the drama department and see when actors are available and if they wish to film. But at this point, it looks as if filming is a bit off.

Progress Report: 06/01/2015: The drama dept. has been chased up and I have been told that they will pitch our idea to them again at some point soon. If, however, no one wants to act in it we have some other people who have shown possible interest in the filming process. So, if all else fails, I have something to fall back on.

Progress Report: 19/01/2015: An actor we thought was available for tomorrow has fallen ill and now I have to find another actor to play my main role for filming which will hopefully take place tomorrow.

Progress Report: 29/01/2015: After gathering two actors to film last Tuesday I managed to produce some footage to review and edit today.

Equipment & Risk Assessment 

The equipment has been ordered today 19/01/2015 for filming tomorrow which will hopefully proceed with the actors we wish.

Equipment Order Form

The Risk assessment was done as filming progressed and finished on 31/03/2015:


03/02/2015 College Parking


Wire Tripping. None Others Applicable L Keep Wires Away From Actors When Necessary, Production Team Be Careful
03/02/2015 St George’s


Wire Tripping. None Others Applicable V.L (Actors Were Quite Far Away) Prod. Team Be Careful
03/02/2015 College Toilet Wire Tripping.

Tripping Over Each Other (Very Cramped Space).

Hand Damage




Keep Wires Around Equipment.   Keep Any Unnecessary People Away From Harm.

Make Sure Mustafa Doesn’t Hit Too Hard, Amplify Sound To Create Illusion Of Hard Impact.

17/02/2015 Martyna’s House Wire Tripping.

Tripping Over Each Other (Extremely Cramped Space)



Keep Wires Around Equipment.

Make Sure Camera Person And Sound Operative Don’t Cross To Often To Avoid Clashing

17/02/2015 College Film


Wire Tripping.

Carpet Tripping.

Unstable Wall/Set

Cello Tape Burns





Keep Wires Away From Actress.

Flatten Carpet Down, Avoid Any Gaps.


Don’t Press Tape Down Too Hard, Avoid Pulling Off To Briskly

31/03/2015 St Pancras

Call Sheet & Production Shot List




Producer: Simisola Adeyemi [ – 07572265876] Director: Reece Perrin [ – 07909118664]
Main Actor: Mustafa Omar [07965717955] Main Actress: Martyna Sliuzaite [07769154622] Supporting Actor: Abdul Sit [07538462258]
Day: Tuesday, the 3rd[FIRST DAY OF SHOOTING] Month: February Year: 2015
3/02/2015 1 Daytime Exterior College Parking Lot 2 Cast, 2 Crew
3/02/2015 2 Daytime Exterior St George’s Gardens 3 Cast, 2 Crew
3/02/2015 3 Daytime Interior College Toilet 2 Cast, 2 Crew
17/02/2015 4 Daytime Interior Martyna’s house 2 Cast, 2 Crew
3/03/2015 5 Daytime Interior College Film Studio 1 Cast, 2 Crew
6 Datime Exterior St Pancras Canal 1 Cast, 2 Crew


Scene Shot Type Shot Description Location Reasons why the shots were used
1 Establishing shot

Wide-angle shot

Close-up shot

Point of View shot

Chris walks along the canal and kneels along the river bank while he remembers the incident of his girlfriend’s deathLooks down at his reflection in the water.

Chris will either narrate how he came about being obsessed with Candice or we will present him remembering the phone call he received informing him about his girlfriend’s death.

St Pancras Canal Establishing shot + A point of view shot to introduce the character of Chris as he looks down the flowing river as he reminisces about his girlfriend. Looking down the river will prompt the audience to emotionally invest in Chris. (voiceover in correspondence to the action of Chris looking down the river as he remembers the earth shattering phone call about his girlfriend’s death.  letting the audience know how he came about being obsessed with Candice)   OR

A voiceover of a nurse or doctor breaking the news to Chris


Using a wide angle shot establishes the beginning and the environment of Chris[male character]which I wanted in order for the audience to gather as much details as possible as later in the trailer, we could be refer back to that scene.


A close up show will be used in order to see the emotions Chris experiences. To prompt the interests of the audience viewing the trailer. To also introduce Chris’ character.

2 Low angle shot.Close-up shot [on the face]


Candice walks down the stairs (to imply she just left a client’s house. House near college parking lot. ·         A low angle shot will be used to pan upwards. This is a perfect way introduce Candice’s character. The shot will slowly pan from her shoes upwards when the audience will be shown her face. 

Close up shot of her face as she is introduced.



3 Low angle shot[Hand-held shot]

Wide angle shot

Candice walks down the streetShe meets Chris for the first time.

Candice gets into Chris’ car

College Parking Lot In the previous scene, I intended to show that Candice just left a client’s house. In this scene, she will be seen meeting Chris for the first time near her previous client’s house. I did this to establish her profession as a prostitute.A low angle shot; panning upwards is used to show Candice’s clothes. Used for the audience to come to the conclusion that she does a somewhat unconventional job.
4 Medium shot Candice in the bedroom brushing her hair Actress’ house In order to show Candice in her natural environment.
5 Medium shot

Over the shoulder shot

Chris in the toilet washing his hands.Wears black in order to show he is still in mourning over his girlfriend’s death College toilet This shot was used in order as a platform to develop Chris’ emotions. The shot would be used as a way for the audience to see how Chris dissolves into his anger.
6 Over the shoulder shot Chris pushes Candice on the bed Actress’ house This shot is effective in terms of showing how Chris’ and Candice’s relationship will deteriorate. The scene will also act as a preparation for the following scene where Chris becomes angry and takes out his anger on objects around him.
7 Close up shot

Over the shoulder shot

Chris looks at his reflection in the mirror. He’s frustrated and angry. College toilet This scene will show the motion of the actor banging objects around him in order to vent his anger. This shot is used in order to show the character’s emotion and to show how the character will use his face and his hands to express his emotions.  He will appear angry and this scene is used to show how much his girlfriend’s death affects him.This will heighten the audience’s interests and they will be curious as to why he is behaving in such a manner.
8 Medium shot

Over the shoulder shot

A clip of both characters meeting; Chris makes a gesture for Candice to get into the car College Parking Lot This shot is used to re-iterate the fact that Chris and Candice are the main characters in the trailers and by doing using this shots the audience are able to focus solely on the action between the two characters.
9 Mid close-up shot

Two shot

Chris and Candice have a heated argument Actress’ house This shot will be used in order for the audience to see how aggressive and destructive their relationship will become. I wanted the audience to see clearly how Chris manipulates Candice’s character. I wanted the audience to develop their own objective view of the situation occurring between both characters.
10 Close up Candice tied up in an abandoned house College Drama Studio I decided a close up will be better to use in order for the audience to emotionally invest in this scene
11 Wide shot

Two shot

Candice meets a client St George’s Gardens This shot is used to show that Candice is a proficient prostitute that constantly has business with other men and I wanted to make it clear that she is a prostitute and she is not capable of building a intimate relationship which is what Chris would want.
12 Handheld shot

Wide shot

Candice walks with a clientChris uses this opportunity to stalk Candice St George’s Gardens A handheld shot is used in order to present the scene from an omniscient vantage point as if the scene is being viewed from Chris’ point of view.
13 Close up Another close up clip of Candice tied up College Drama Studio The distress on her face should be apparent and I found that a close up shot achieves this better.


The First session of filming occurred on Tuesday 20th of January. Where I managed to film a majority of the scenes I hoped to film. It was quite successful and I’m fairly impressed with the result, all of it took place outside as I thought it was best to film outside before the weather deteriorates and it becomes unbearable. The next session of filming will most likely happen next Tuesday or Thursday 3rd or 5th of February. It will be filmed primarily indoors if the rooms we require are available for the time we need them.

Filming on the 3rd and the 5th fell through due to bad weather, illnesses and inability to arrive to filming locations within the allotted time. Filming for the 10th of February has been planned. Filming should take place in an actual bedroom to maintain verisimilitude.

As of 21st of February most filming has been completed and edited into a decent trailer and, whilst the narrative does not come across as clear as I would have it, more filming should rectify the problem.

Upon screening my work in front of fellow students they seemed to feel my trailer looked complete and that it portrays he narrative fairly well and I only receive some constructive criticism, something I will address in my evaluation.


Character Profiles

Character Profiles

Character Name: Chris

As Portrayed By: Mustafa Omar

Age: 23IMG_3279 

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 6’1”

How Did We Create Him?: Chris was crafted from the narrative. After creating the narrative and discovering where it was heading, we had to create the character, we were unable to express any life experiences into Chris’character as none of us have experienced any similar things. We did however do narrative research in which we analysed newspaper articles reporting of similar instances (all can be found on our blogs) and used this information and several components of each criminal (in the articles) to create a character we felt suitable, a character worthy of appearing in our product.  The most standout artcile was the one in which the criminal murdered his prostitute and ate her. We didn’t replicate this as we felt it was too grim for our product but it told us the lengths people will go too during obsession and gave us the oppurtunity to open our minds to what kind of actions Chris could commit.

His Character: Chris is a twenty-something year old man who presents himself as normal, dresses nice and, around his family, he acts polite and with manners, the way he was taught.  He then suffers a devastating blow – his girlfriend dies in a terrible accident. Grief stricken and inconsolable, he becomes extremely depressed and a massive introvert and feels as if he will never recover.  He turns to drink, quits work and completely destroys his life. Upon trying to turn his life around, he meets Candice – and she looks exactly like his recently dead beloved.  Suddenly, he perks up, he starts to fall in love with Candice, who he knows will eventually drain his bank account. But soon enough falling in love turns into an addiction, Chris becomes dangerous, putting himself and Candice at risk. He soon becomes violent and possessive, Candice can’t be with anyone else and he will make sure of that.

Character Name: CandiceIMG_3280

As Portrayed By: Martyna Sliuzaite

Age: 21

Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 5’ 7”

How Did We Create Her?: We created Candice from Chris’ character , without Chris, Candice would never have been crafted.  She had to fit into the narrative feasibly, hence why she is made to look like his recently deceased girlfriend.  Her character was developed, similarly to Chris’, from newpaper research where upon we discovered the nature fo prostitution and the risks it poses in order to portray it in my trailer.

Her Character: Candice is, like Chris, a twenty-something year old woman, who, outside of her profession, would act in a civil manner and is always presented nicely. Entering prostitution out of desperation, she fell destitute at 19 during her University studies and saw only one way out. Upon meeting Chris, who would eventually become a regular customer, she saw a stable income, something she would pursue. She never thought Chris would become as obsessive as he did.

Editing & Sound

The editing process started on the 23rd of February and did not take long at all. I noticed how in a lot of other A2 students coursework (from videos on YouTube), that their trailers planned out sequentially, something that would not usually be seen in a trailer. I understand that in doing that, they wanted to indicate the narrative as effectively as possible but it doesn’t recreate the trailer effect and could become boring quickly. In order to create a trailer feel I included shots from different parts of the film and edited them together (in a cohesive way) so I could capture the narrative’s entirety.

The use of the text and the credits helps direct the viewers and gives a good indication towards the story, if it wasn’t already clear. “Martyna”, “Abdul” and “Mustafa” are clearly marked as my starring actors/actresses and placed into their respective “peak” (where they feature most in the trailer). “When Obsession” is used at the point where the trailer enters its darker undertones and is bridged across 5-10 seconds later ending the sentence with “Turns Into Addiction”. This would give an indication as to my protagonists seemingly changing ways in that he became obsessed with Candice and now can’t shake wanting her and is now addicted to her presence. The sounds used in my trailer were to evoke intensity.

The first sound was slowed down and deepened (pitch change) to seem darker in nature and more ‘dangerous’ and the slow moving strings that get louder and louder as the song progresses indicates the genre and make the trailer and the narrative dramatically enhanced. It was then decided that Beyonce’s new remix of ‘Crazy In Love’ would be used for the second half of the trailer where Chris’ obsession is furthered and explored in a more threatening way. The song added a mainstream appeal to the audience by putting a massively mainstream artist in align with the film. It also added an element of eroticism to the film (something which could easily be linked with the prostitution and bedroom scenes) due to its association with a well-known erotic drama, Fifty Shades Of Grey. The song could also be drawn and linked with Chris’ obsession and him being ‘Crazy In Love’ with Candice and heightens the narrative and sense of drama.

photo 1

Above is the comment we left to the Youtube user: ‘thesecession’ in regards to their music piece that we intended to use for our trailer.

Ancillary Texts

Magazine Cover:

Magazine Cover PNG

Film Poster:


The Final Product


Question 1: In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop Or Challenge Forms And Conventions Of Real Media Products?

Question 2: How Effective Is The Combination Of Your Main Product And Ancillary Texts?

Question 3: What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

Question 4 : How Did You Use Media Technologies In The Construction And Research, Planning And Evaluation Stages?


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  1. roxannebaptiste · January 22, 2015

    The location shots are good illustrations you do need to descridbe the suitability of each location for filming.


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